Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Silent Wood

I came across a silent wood
Who stared at me in a grim mood
Past the greens and crows of old
A silent wood, a frown it throws
Muted with stillness and words unheard
A silent wood that fails to care
Thumps of rain nudged its toes
A silent wood that fails to boast
When things are mad and chaos around
A silent wood that makes no sound
Below its eyes, a teardrop hides
A silent wood that sighs on sides
Empty space on that same day
A silent wood that fails to say
The only thing that can't be done,
The silent wood whose secrets spun

it's been a hot day and i bought the legendary book called "Les Miserables" by Victor Hugo.
The french version so I can practice reading, going to be hard, I need a buddy dictionary on me whenever I read it!
actually I was aiming to buy a horror book today, I saw some cool zombie titles on the bookstores but I'll save up for that ones next time.
Saw some new amazing references of digital paintings and I just can't help to ask why? how? did they do that, it looks really awesome. 
Right school is around the curve, a few more days and there it begins.

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