Wednesday, July 25, 2012

nearly school day

2 more weeks till school days! Well approximately, and i can't wait to be back on the chair and do some homeworks.
It's been quite a long holiday though and it's kind of exciting to face another year of college.
Like we ask questions like what's gonna happen next or what's in store of tomorrow

I find myself learning more of guitar and try to improve on my playing so I can write more songs and get new ideas from different genres.
It's quite interesting though to know new chords and scales going to blues and jazz.

I've been listening to The Beatles lately, they influenced me a lot in their musicality, they made rock and roll music on its height in 1960s. They have alot of albums, most songs I get to know firsthand were Day Tripper, Eleanor Rigby, Hey Jude and Yesterday. I know of the band before but then I just listen on the surface of the music but then now I realized how wonderful and creative their music is like you need to enjoy the song and music.

The Beatles: Paul , George, John and Ringgo

Youth Reason To Be: The recent concert was amazing like a lot of people attended and it's so cool to see them all jumping with the lights and singing along with the songs! Well I can't take pictures though cause I'm playing but anyway here's a video, when we performed "Only Hope" originally sang by Mandy Moore but we tried Switchfoot's version with more acoustic feel on it!
Only Hope: sang by Kat and me on guitar

Then our Wyldfire band, we played for the second set of the concert, twas tiring but we're all stoked with fun in making music!

Lastly to wrap up the post well I created something in the middle of the night, I forgot the day, in Photoshop inspired by just my random drawing on a whiteboard during rehearsals.
It's not that crafty cause I was half asleep making it just passing the time. Well, here are some pictures

Alright here's the initial idea of it, on the top left is the whiteboard drawing

Sailing in the shadows

It's not much work but then I just wanted the drawing to breathe in reality and somehow on the slightest I kind of made it happen.

Anyway, that's all everyone. Till the next time I post again, maybe every school day, and I haven't got a camera yet though. Here's a quote that may inspire you guys and reflect on :)

"All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make, the better"
 – Ralph Waldo Emerson.

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