Saturday, July 28, 2012

Farewell Carousel

Farewell carousel, a water dried from a well
My heart is left, and has not to tell
farewell carousel, the roundabout I turned and swelled
Lights in my eyes, and gems on hem
farewell carousel, It's time to go, I hear the bell

Farewell carousel, I wrote a letter from a cell
Golden rods that gleamed in spell
farewell carousel, A hope that's gone forever
Cried on stone, a smile, fair-weather
farewell carousel, I'm leaving now, steeper

Farewell carousel, words that left my mouth unheard
Whispered in lisps, of smokes dispersed
farewell carousel, I'm gone with broken wings of fur
Empty heart whose beats won't cure
farewell carousel, it's over, it's over it's over


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