Thursday, April 5, 2012

When there are thunders


My Illustration of a line in "The Raven" by Edgar Allan Poe

a prospect of living it

Living life was never easy, it's a roller coaster ride of many tortuous bends and turns that twists the fabric of normality. Sometimes we find ourselves getting pissed or pleased, satisfied and trashed, hopeful and rejected. These are all  massive impacts that we feel or do. Yet as humans we all strive to find true happiness and that lies within our hearts. We tend to pursue things that abandon us, the most precious moments we cherish fully remained silent, no inspiration or doubtful. Surely tomorrow brings a lot of surprises and we don't know what awaits. Some of us might be waiting for a dream job, an answered prayer, a hope of change, requests, love, patience etc. We hold on to them, like a part of us in our lives,they serve as a futuristic bank of will to go on with life. The one that keeps us on. Like in art, we gather inspirations, the reason why our brushes dance within the canvas or why we can't stop smiling. We enjoy life because we love what we're doing and hopeful of an optimistic tomorrow. Yes the idea of tomorrow, it might bring us down or bring us up as long as how we see it. Sudden changes, sudden adaptations, everything is in fast motion now. You wouldn't know what's going on because of the fast pace ambiance of our environment. Ambivalence of our lives, Ironic conclusions or an unobtrusive change that for a second i thought i have the reason to smile yet i was mistaken. Would there be a garden that could come out of the ground, where all starts afresh?, would there be a river that ever rushes through these plains to wash away our eyes? Would the stars remain unreachable in their places and twinkle in a newborn's mind? There must be something more than we see, or expect or faced. Really, I see a flower that blooms inside a glass jar, enshrouded by ray of sun in an aperture. It stood quite still ever radiant yet by dusk it crumples but still standing but has nothing at all.

*artwork by me, watercolor and pencils
 **depicts a man deep in thought of at the loss of his love, unwavering loyalty though he's hurt.  
 here's a song i've written and it's called "My Mirror", feel free to listen to it, you'll find out the meaning in the lyrics.

that's all for today, been up all night cause of perspective drawings, bye!

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