Wednesday, April 11, 2012

starry starry night

when things seem to fall all over the place, whence gravity never took place

Today was really quite a gloomy day,  rain fell and came but I appreciate its company all the same, something like a grey mood that grips on us, something new. 5th floor has been like our home in Animation, it's like we'll be there for all the time, animating and modelling. It has been quite a refreshment to be back in the basement again even for just a few moments. It's having a sudden exposure to an old memory lane, with all the white lights from above and the cold echoes of people talking here and there and everywhere.

There's something weird that twists silence, I don't know, we might find ourselves okay but really there must be a reason to feel quite static and down or something that we don't even know who holds it and why.

So far we've been working on for our 2D whiteboard animation and finally we've finished it! but there will be few more touch ups on adobe premier for final productions and renderings. here are some pictures on the process where I drew Van Gogh and his Starry Starry Night on whiteboard and markers. I started out with a rough pencil sketch, and there's a sequin on his eye here. (:

Vincent Van Gogh - rough sketch kevin loredo, pencil

a peek on our work while animating his eyes

a close up angled view of him

My impression of Starry Starry Night on markers - kevin loredo

So that was there about it, animating frame by frame really isn't a joke, you need to really have a massive supply of patience and smile (: ( not to mention a reasonable amount of tolerance) to visualize ideas, agree and disagree and nerves to keep the project going!

Anyway in life, We all like surprises right? Tomorrow is so unpredictable, we might be sad today and yesterday but why not hope for a beautiful morning the next day? I'm sure there are meanings behind what we all feel, what we do just be passionate. If you find yourself dumbfounded today, then rise up again the next day, i mean that's how it goes doesn't it. We might be scarred or gloomy in the inside but surely there shall be an assigned day that we'll all be satisfied and happy on what will happen.

As for now, maybe for this quiet time, i will just grab my guitar and sing through the night, loud in clear in this starry starry night.
see you all soon on the next post, and before I go, check out this awesome song patrick stump called Spotlight (: enjoy

 *oh nostalgia i dont need you anymore

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