Tuesday, April 3, 2012


It's been ages, maybe months and many things happened in such swiftness that I can't even comprehend that things coexists unconsciously in a series of events.
I terribly miss my camera, i hope I could buy a decent one so I can keep you guys posted on what I'm up to.
Animation Specialism began the past 2 weeks. It's nearing vacation though, and I haven't been much productive on what I do. We need to produce a 30 sec whiteboard animation and a 3d model of a shop house. (sounds good?) I don't think so, hehe,
It's like 3 secs can consume your 2 hour tea time or slacking by making a hundred frames on that span! And modelling with many commands and material attributes to assign.
Yeah really it get's boring to have no pictures, I do understand
but here's a song that really kept my head in such calming sensation that Ate Julie sang in the recent church concert "Beautiful Things", it's sung originally by Gungor, but I like her version best!
I miss writing in this blog, and as soon as i can and be able to, i will write
at the mean time, enjoy the song and the meaning behind it
God Bless 

 finally, my impressionistic try out of my wonderland
hope you like it

oil on wooden board
kevin loredo

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