Sunday, December 25, 2011

A day that begins a new series of chained purposeful events in one's life history as for all.

Rains, that's what vague nowadays especially at this season, why can't we have snow
in here, can someone send some? :p
Anyway, Christmas day was great
Watched Sherlock H. A Game of Shadows for the second time
and it never fails to amaze me of logical linkages of the unconscious.
So I guess it's back to work again, a few more weeks and we're back on track to school.
Sitting down again, waking up early again, cramming up again and being stressed out again.
Solid months of fruitful solitude eh? I always liked vacations and break surely everyone does
after long periods of tiredness.
I wonder what lies ahead at this new year?
The tributaries of months from a vision as of a stream, as of veins that
crosses everywhere like forks of lightning.
Each story has their reason, their meaning and thought.
I remember when i was on my early days being a kid, whenever we heard a story there is always
a valuable moral lesson that we conclude with.
There are too much words, too much inexplicable characters a person hides deep inside him or her.
We might not see literally in eye to eye for even small traces of emotion can be falsified in forms of actions.
It's like seeing through an opaque mirror where behind lies the dungeons or gargantuan libraries of different thoughts, emotions and feelings.
An act of courageous impetus can let it all out, like saying that you love someone honestly and being true.
Yet we're uncertain of reactions and impacts so there's balance.
Overall, whatever happens, it happens for a reason.
Either you wait and be strong or let go and get back again.

Monday, December 19, 2011


Ever felt being rejected once? twice or thrice?
It's a trigger that blows up your heart even from its deepest chambers, clanging gears that ring
out a rampaging bell inside of you that neither can you stop nor control in an instant.
Yeah well, I guess that's that and once it's fired, you've just got to feel it in.
But despite of all the outcomes and impacts the
question that needs to be answered is Why.

hey look a tree

Monday, December 12, 2011

Days Of Mishaps and Fails

It's been awhile of holidays and misfortunes that engulfs a dramatic scene of being hopelessly hopeful.
Sometimes our dread is to let go, being aware that one day
at a wrong action, there shall be an impact
whether or not it turns pretty appropriate to the subject
or a key bolt that came out and loosens everything up.
It's a mess really, maybe unseen in the actions but
deep inside you you get the fuzziness, never ending movements of thoughts
of anxieties that has a toss coin feeling of initiation that it might be or it might not.
I have traversed much in marshes of failures, yes I did
cause I tend to be stubborn most of the times of thinking.
Maybe If you only knew much "on what beats that leads to what you want" that is unseen
maybe you'll get the idea of what it's like.
I don't know, this post is really like an unsharpened pencil, completely pointless
but chunks of meaning underneath the sheets
Anyway, since we're talking unearthed statements here's a poem for today
and it's nearing Christmas, cheer up
School is coming
I'll get less smiles when stress takes over and that's the least thing
I ever wished for

"Whatever might be that creases me
Flame it away of irony
Believe that hope is yet to come
Stay still, hold on, cast your crown
Despair might write a letter to me
With awe I read, I lift a tree
Irascible I might be
yet none can take that loyalty"

it might be or it might not be
let's just hold on to what is set upon us,
take care of your hearts for it is where
everyone's most vulnerable
and it's where
you'll find home.

morning peeps. 

 A Part Of A Word