Sunday, October 16, 2011

Will and Won't

I have kept myself in deep quietness
a docile swan upon the still waters
I'm longing to prance beyond those gates
To hold the bars and see the beauty within
My inmost paradigm ever clutch this consistency
One day I might know the reasons of the half miseries
That I have no chance to be with a princess
That it's hard to reach the stars,
with the weight of thoughts behind my back
Laden with doubts unknowingly said
Making my eyes fixed on you
Too much light for me to see
Too much blurriness for me decipher
the meaning behind the ink
that once latched itself on this heart
No, I can't stumble by these twigs like before
nor fall on the trap of rashness
But still I cling
Holding on to what will happen
for tomorrow brings
another galaxy of possibilities

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