Saturday, October 1, 2011

Cups, Tea and Good Riddance

Today has always been the same as yesterday,
it was not right it was not good
I'm still boggled with my thoughts
makes me wonder
makes me ponder
makes me think
i know i am eccentric
yet still I am dwindled nevertheless
went to studio practice today for tomorrow's
children's day celebration at the church
had me and my little brother on guitars
and can't wait for tomorrow,
well last night i got home at 1 am, and took the bus home
hoping that i'll be better but somehow --naaa
i found myself always playing "someone like you" by the Adele
try listening to it, its really worth it
i have written something that goes like

"Sometimes I am feeling down and sad
Sometimes I am nothing
and now
I am in the middle of both ends"

Anyway I love playing ukulele i named her Quinn after i got her for my birthday last July,
brought it at class and just play it and enjoy the
Music feels good, it kind of take you out of a world where
nobody knows
where you just dance and sing with the beat
and feel the essence behind every word, note and melody
like a fire burning in your heart
so yeah, aint feelin good
hadn't started homework
im left behind
better off nothing
yea, see you tomorrow guys
hope things will turn upside down again
this is something that really is untitled.

My stupid mouth - John Mayer #nowplaying :P

on the way home last night 1 am
playing along with my camera with the lights

let the light crush your eyes, let it open them to see
what must be seen than be fooled on
what babbles in the air.

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