Saturday, October 15, 2011


I feel that I misconceived this thought
yet the meaning implies on both ends, but still remains unseen
to her
here it goes
" I can't sing, neither do I have music videos nor send postcards whenever i'm away
nor be as famous that any man could be, but actually I can
terribly sing, and even at the slightest, I can draw decently :P at least
who's who?
the oneness?

yeah, got home from practice late today, too sad that Finn lost a string
so will be replacing a new set later.
meanwhile my mind is currently processing on which bothers me
the urge to say it out to - but half scared that it
might crash in some places
. and so
i've decided. to just keep quiet
only my mind knows
and here's for tonight
a painting i made last night
the horror within a sitting woman

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