Tuesday, October 25, 2011

refurbishing lines, bars and tones

The Red Berries of that cake, now I'm craving :S
more more cakes puhlease!

the dinner with my ates last night at Boon Keng, so happy and fun night, ate erika's birthday
Arise and Fly

Brownie, or Red or I dont know with ate gianne ehhe and Janosiel 

si catherine, ahah, so far from her face

early morning drawing, @ school

psst! no fires please it'll explode, :P 

perspective lesson, though this vanishing point
is Vanished.

Here's a poem for hopes and dreams
and life
that sometimes
you need to be weird, random
or anything
even though there isn't any connections
at all
so here
we go.


I stood still in the midst of a grey universe
Ever burning at dusk with my heat
Open up your eyes and invigorate this light within
Cause in you i find all my worries are gone,
all my fears are vanished
walking in the roads covered by this sheet
Indeed I am unnoticeable in my cloak
the flash of my insufficient will
look at me fade away
and be taken on
on and on

sometimes life provides certain passage ways that are too narrow
sometimes too wide
sometimes a blockade
but yet here we stand in the middle of our choices
holding the switches of decisions
There is always choice in all we do
Do what you love
Do what makes you happy
we can all stay smiling and cute people in this earth

refurbishing lines and bars and tones
                                                                                 finally here comes Janosiel,
                                                      my first journal, thanks ate erika again!