Tuesday, October 4, 2011

me in a bottle

this is me in a broken kaleidoscope
where endless fragments of me, scattered on colours
every shard of crystal portrays a time
where I gaze upon your eyes
but deliberately ending up unheard, awkwardly waiting by this sit
this is me in a narrow road
reaching for the sun, but laden with thoughts
that pulls me back to where i was
and far away from where you are
this is me by the windows of my mind
where endless perspective swirls in a mellifluous rhythm
but it never made a real music
this is me hangin' on from a fragile arm,
in a few seconds will be shrugged off at your call
distant and chanceless but confused in my wall
this is me saying enough,
that I should halt my musings that endangers a feeling
that turns the tears to vapours
and now I will remain away
to that stand where I used to be

there has never been a moment where things are ending up as they should be
at the proper time
so i guess i'll leave it all behind cause i'm going too far
not realizing the steps I take that spoils me even more
i'll try
to be
the better man

2D homework, LAMP and sleep, I'll catch you later..


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