Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Mad as a Lamp

I feel weary after school today though it's a holiday
We're driven by Ry back near home
I just fell and slept 
and of course all these weird dreams
and failures circumnavigated the scene
maybe I need these stuffs for our 2D final project
I'm concentrating on surrealism
my kind of thing
"sur" a french word means above
"realism" being real,
together they mean "more than reality" or "above reality"
thus surrealism
Sometimes, I feel stupid about myself whenever I feel sad or silent
I don't know the weird thing is there's no reason
maybe it's because I'm being vulnerable again to sudden spikes of
what I feel than what I think
about the irony,
yet I am still trying to focus straight to the present and future
like cutting off the vines that pulls
those thoughts, those ridiculous flashbacks
even sudden thoughts are in danger of enlarging
to a nebula that jams and freezes the world 
makes you dazed
makes you stuck
cause admitting the fact that you till can't resist that feeling 
on her
i remembered my post before called
i thought at first i have defied it but no, it's translucent
a fake glass
Bits and pieces of it hidden
there are so many things that I might think on
but still you're gaze, defies them all
and that smile wreathes around my mind
like a beautiful rose obscured by clouds

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