Thursday, October 27, 2011

Just for the record

so today is big pictures day,
well here we go again on a Thursday  evening and another week ahead is
we're starting the Grey project and the 2D final
for me they're more linked now
it's like seeing them as one
we talked about rubbish today
and by the way the pics are taken 2 days ago
so yeah rubbish
the secrets of the rubbish
can you feel it?
can you smell it?
can you taste it? ew
can you hear it?
these are the questions of collections
we had a meeting today, an intense one
about our visit to the museum, and
Salvador Dali

:"the individual chains that kept us locked:
shall break in time of tempest shock
relieve the days of stairs and slides
to walk in vain with silent cries"

Sometimes we tend to rely on what we thought was ours
unfounded assumptions
the hopeless hopes
driven by what we feel than what is right
lulled by the emotion than to see reason
it's a matter of perception again
how we perceive things
cause nothing really matters
if we make them matter
and nothing that matters are nothing if we don't matter
about it

"you're the feeling, and the reason
what am i gonna do, when the only
thing that matters most to me is you?
I guess waiting is the solution, patiently
cause nothing that is rushed can be near to perfection
yes there's no such thing as perfect but
we could make it near to it"


called as "TinTin" by gabrielle today aha
can't wait for the movie, i'm a fan of the film!

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