Sunday, October 23, 2011

Roses and Thorns, Lightning power boom.

Ink randomness
the output of uncertainty,
the chalice of misery
living meekly
burning clearly

 the knight and knightmare

through the room the cup and conscience

 i am not the way you think i'm not
 admire my hands, branches of vitality
up we go to, to the moor let's go

Your voice never fails to ignite the slumbering 
fire in my heart
I tried to hide it
I tried to stop showing it
cause I know, it is impossible
nothing will ever change
If ever I say it again
so i look forward again trying to fan the flames
trying to ease the roaring feeling
more of passion over time
but still
I have kept myself silent
adamant to the fact
that the only thing that stumbles me 

Will there be a chance? 
It's an open ended corridor
living each day
in pure ignorance
a scripted ignorance
the more i disregard
the more it gets stronger
i just cant hide it,
you're simply the most wonderful
I have ever met.

shall i go to sch tomorrow?
haix too bored and tired
the  reality that i still got 2 more years
im a nonsense

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