Thursday, September 29, 2011

Walks and Feet!

so here are some pictures of today's progress of things that happened

heres my drawing application and research,
i think i did badly on the lines
and not much power
but anyway here it goes
here's my painting of "The Scream" by pointillism, it takes time to be done
yet its worth it to see somehow
its hard though without a tracing paper,
:| aha
dear old Hogwarts, experimenting in sketch up, but it's not really
just some ancient buildings that looks like it!.

my feet and hers, feeling the steel

Mt. Emily here we go!

her beside the epic walls.

foot by the sand as we reached the top playground
and there it began.
our wonderful class, but some of them didn't come for the
walk though :/



i made a poem called You.
and so imma sleep
see you

1 comment:

  1. nyeh.
    if u dont trust yourself then trust me,
    your works are outstanding.
    you'll make some spectacular works in the future! (: