Thursday, September 29, 2011

This is for you,


Beneath the stars I have found
The revelation of beauty that in my heart resounds
Deafening echoes of your name
Forever erupts in my blossoming vain
Like a flower on whom nobody shall fail,
A magnanimous existence of who you are,
Through the times I gaze upon those twinkling eyes
To the breath that many hast long for,
Between the tragedies in the midst of fright
You stand, shinning in splendour ever burning in me,
As I stare to that gentle face of a queen,
My thoughts are stirred with joy and gladness,
I am happy to be a friend of you
Who's fair and kind that nobody could ever match
Like tracing those of the unnumbered crystals that always brighten me up,
Tears are scarce from now on, for you bring the outmost oblivion that alleviates a lonely stone
I have been entwined with roads of the unknown,
but there you came clad with beauty and perfection, standing out
Your smile brings these murky skies to flowery mirrors,
A music that I had ever wanted to write
The prettiest queen, I have ever wrote of..

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