Wednesday, September 28, 2011

New Beginnings

After ages and millions of years, i have finally came back to my blog, visiting again with new thoughts, a new mind and a practical approach to my eccentricities.
WELL, school has started ages ago, the long awaited wait has finally paid off with stress and work yet it was cool as we're learning different stuffs in art.

it's 12:24 and as I type, I am on the line with my friends, it was really fun to be with them and everyone is really great.
Now's the start of Term 2 well last Monday.

Anyway here's a poem for today


Bestowed upon my eyes the urge to fly
Behind the dreary lines, I shan't weep nor cry
Rising beneath my beleaguered fears
I found the hope from these tears
And beyond your smile, I blend in cheers,
By your side, I'm always here
Matches of blurry fires ran in lines
Shaking with the beat of signs
Waiting till the sun expires
A feeling that never tires.

see you in another post.

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