Friday, September 30, 2011


it has always been hard being someone like me, or even harder to be like you
but there i go with the wind of normality, seeing the art within the curtains, it's such a gloomy portrait to be in the midst of a void, where nothing is upon you, and staring on blankness, of thin frankness

this is a black and white photo and yet it is impossible to bloom in colours,
I'm hoping against hope
continually singing this song that one day you'll see
someday i'll know
someday i'll realize that one day there shall be.

in simple terms, i never like a day like this, :(
feeling down.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Walks and Feet!

so here are some pictures of today's progress of things that happened

heres my drawing application and research,
i think i did badly on the lines
and not much power
but anyway here it goes
here's my painting of "The Scream" by pointillism, it takes time to be done
yet its worth it to see somehow
its hard though without a tracing paper,
:| aha
dear old Hogwarts, experimenting in sketch up, but it's not really
just some ancient buildings that looks like it!.

my feet and hers, feeling the steel

Mt. Emily here we go!

her beside the epic walls.

foot by the sand as we reached the top playground
and there it began.
our wonderful class, but some of them didn't come for the
walk though :/



i made a poem called You.
and so imma sleep
see you

This is for you,


Beneath the stars I have found
The revelation of beauty that in my heart resounds
Deafening echoes of your name
Forever erupts in my blossoming vain
Like a flower on whom nobody shall fail,
A magnanimous existence of who you are,
Through the times I gaze upon those twinkling eyes
To the breath that many hast long for,
Between the tragedies in the midst of fright
You stand, shinning in splendour ever burning in me,
As I stare to that gentle face of a queen,
My thoughts are stirred with joy and gladness,
I am happy to be a friend of you
Who's fair and kind that nobody could ever match
Like tracing those of the unnumbered crystals that always brighten me up,
Tears are scarce from now on, for you bring the outmost oblivion that alleviates a lonely stone
I have been entwined with roads of the unknown,
but there you came clad with beauty and perfection, standing out
Your smile brings these murky skies to flowery mirrors,
A music that I had ever wanted to write
The prettiest queen, I have ever wrote of..

Wednesday, September 28, 2011


This is a poem i made in the most deepest
version of my thoughts when musings are abundant
and feelings are rising


Divulged upon the hand of agony,
The burning pain more fulminating than misery,
Silhouetted by the flames left were the embers,
The tragedy that once was, the bludgeoned memories,
Let hope flicker through this mess and serendipity,
Let me swim through your veins, traverse your eccentricity!
Fatuous love, you concluded badly,
Mend this broken heart who died excruciatingly!
The veracity of my words, I commend them to be true,
Remorse of the underhanded, still yet to imbue,

Stagnant stare, nullified emotion
Exhaled gust of guilt,worse than contrition,
Badly laden by the sorrow decimated,
The imperious hearts ensnared the low minded,
Bestowed upon the lacerated heart,
A cadaverous hope that tends to start,
Exacerbated of the pain, a clasp of death
Beleaguered by the emptiness, unpaid love debt
Animosity seemed to not halt,
Factitious smiles and eyes of salt!
Laughter of the broken, facetious as ever
Mortified me, haunted by your memoir,
Manumit me away from you,
Expel me away from this fatuity too.

Vitiated deeply of a peculiar silence,
Mesmerizing visions entangled by pestilence,
I grok your lachrymose eyes,so as mine,
Avaricious pride blasted from the spine,
Crumble your scintillating casket of fury,
Know what has been wrought, eschew from being leery!
Hearken my cry oh dearest one,
You discombobulate my being, a deafened fan,
Trace the strings that once had caught me,
Cut them neatly so I can break free,
Lisp words I don't understand,
Confound me once more, break my stand,
I applauded and wore a preposterous smile,
Remembering your tremendous deed upon my heart,it's fragile!

Pierced my inmost heart and being,
You castigated me with words unpleasing,
Dazzling eyes of betrayal plus treachery,
Blinded my mind blurred to insanity,
Steel your pride, imbue and falter,
Exiguous grin of mirthless laughter!
I swing and dance to your jocoseness,
A joust I should say or a gloomy brokeness!,
Tremble and fear of what you did,
For it may return back badly, you must pay heed,
Fastidious love of yours I daresay,
I'm weary of it, I don't want to go astray!
Bewildered of it may happen once more,
Enough of this mess, this quarrelsome core,


New Beginnings

After ages and millions of years, i have finally came back to my blog, visiting again with new thoughts, a new mind and a practical approach to my eccentricities.
WELL, school has started ages ago, the long awaited wait has finally paid off with stress and work yet it was cool as we're learning different stuffs in art.

it's 12:24 and as I type, I am on the line with my friends, it was really fun to be with them and everyone is really great.
Now's the start of Term 2 well last Monday.

Anyway here's a poem for today


Bestowed upon my eyes the urge to fly
Behind the dreary lines, I shan't weep nor cry
Rising beneath my beleaguered fears
I found the hope from these tears
And beyond your smile, I blend in cheers,
By your side, I'm always here
Matches of blurry fires ran in lines
Shaking with the beat of signs
Waiting till the sun expires
A feeling that never tires.

see you in another post.