Wednesday, July 20, 2011

you are.

After all we've been through, these days have come, the days which i have longed for, i have dreamt of, is just to be with you

now it’s better, i am now fixated on you whose eyes represents the glimmer of the millions of stars and a glow of unnumbered suns. Let spring come as you dance with grace. Let the flowers bloom at the sound of your whisper and let the harp play forever, forever which brings me always back to you.
I have kept myself dwindled by the tragic mists of uncertainty. I have delved deep within the unknown serenity. Yet still, a road reveals a narrow path, whose lanterns lit your face. As I walk, I am amazed by the magnificence of you, a sweet atmosphere, a music of certainty, of passion. But no, the oceans aren’t deep enough to describe how much a heart speaks of you.
there you go with your priceless smile. The times of old and new has never failed to show how much you exist in me. Like an unquenchable flame that resists to be defeated. and simply, just you, the sweetest thing i have ever felt, seen, and heard.
-such times, such days. such feelings. are very precious.