Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Hey guys, how are you doing,
Another long gap since i wrote again
Well anyway, I feel like blogging again cause today is really a not so good day
My friend had her vacation here, and I wasn't given a chance to see or meet her, then just now, today, I never had a chance to say bye in the airport, she already left, when I came, she left :( I've spent a long time in the airport looking for her, but she was gone, I never meant to be like that, It's like things didn't go too well, we arranged for meeting there but then we didn't see each other.
Anyway after that, I decided to go home and just apologize to her by email, and as I queued by the bus stand, the zipper of my bag suddenly split as I close it getting my headphones. My things nearly fell off, but then I caught them just in time. I improvised by taking out the two straps and tied them together in front to tighten the open bag as well as to close it,
I've met an old friend by the bus it's been years,
Then I came home, tired and sad

I guess that's a n update, I'll try to write tomorrow for another one :)

see ya,:)

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