Wednesday, February 9, 2011

After the long writeless months..

i can see from where I stood,
The twinkle from your eyes,
It melts me away,
down away where I'm barely seen,
i know i always disappoint you,
yet still i'm willing to please you with all i am,.
when my tears are scarce, i trod much far
so distant was i, to see your greatness
i stumbled and fell from the clutches of misery
i cried out for your name, and you came for me
so wonderful is your grace,
your love is the best,
you're all i need, yesterday, today and forever,

Hi Hello guys! it's been awhile, i've been blogging again out of nothingness,
it's really quite a gap ever since i wrote about the knight,
\anyway, im really looking forward to school,
this interview is coming and i really hope and pray that i get accepted
im really doing my best and making the portfolio :)
I hope too that one day i'll be able to fill this blog up,


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