Friday, November 19, 2010


Oh yes you are.
your eyes spoke of words inexplicable.
that made me speechless as I gaze upon the beauty of your face.
from which a flower blossoms and blooms adorn by its radiance.
you're wonderful beyond I have ever thought of.
and when you speak, your voice echoes upon my head that soothes me.
it's your love that all i want.
that even when i'm only, you make me smile;

Oh hello, today is a fine and normal day, got to play dota again and again.

if ever shall you fall into me.
that's what I ever asked for, to be with you.

yeah it's.well it looks awkward of the sequence poetry then my blog, then poetry hehe

tomorrow got practice and yeah bye bye

hoping that i could watch hp7 soon!


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