Friday, November 19, 2010


Oh yes you are.
your eyes spoke of words inexplicable.
that made me speechless as I gaze upon the beauty of your face.
from which a flower blossoms and blooms adorn by its radiance.
you're wonderful beyond I have ever thought of.
and when you speak, your voice echoes upon my head that soothes me.
it's your love that all i want.
that even when i'm only, you make me smile;

Oh hello, today is a fine and normal day, got to play dota again and again.

if ever shall you fall into me.
that's what I ever asked for, to be with you.

yeah it's.well it looks awkward of the sequence poetry then my blog, then poetry hehe

tomorrow got practice and yeah bye bye

hoping that i could watch hp7 soon!


Thursday, November 18, 2010

What a gap

Hello guys! What a gap isn't it!? It has been a decade, no ages i guess ever since i wrote again.
To tell you honestly there's been a lot of things that have happened though.
Well anyway, It's tedious to narrate everything but nevermind I'll try :)
The past weeks were devastatingly boring, chores are overflowing and idleness really has a mark on it.
I get to play for our church as rythm or lead at the guitars section! Praise God! I had the chance to you know stand and play and rock for Him!
Then, I started looking for polys and schools so that next year i will be able to study here.
Piano, is a really soothing instrument to the ears and it's now my aim to learn it efficiently after guitar. It's really cool to you know be able to play the instrument and be creative with the notes and stuffs which is really an amazing kind of thing in music.,
I also started watching digital paintings which really I'm doing terribly :/ yet still practice is really important... ..
I am really looking forward to sit by the sit in the cinema, grab a taco and popcorn and watch Harry Potter 7! I don't know maybe next week, this is really a much awaited film as it is the last of the sequel! Surely there will be tons of actions and effects which I want to learn in visual effects with sounds of course.

I swam lately and after so i was so dizzy and like so dazed, O_O i don't know, mayb
e I forced myself out after a long rest, cause it has been months after I last swam, until now im like hay-wired.
Then what else am i doing..hmmmmm........

Hala, i forgot na, anyway i still get to write though, i hope i filled it up, I will be surprised after many years when i look at this blog of mine, and see all the things i wrote, whoa.

I want to share this thing i figured out about being united in couples or in teams or groups.
The most important thing we should have when we kind of have a group or a team to fulfill a certain task successfully is to have unity. You know, sharing of thoughts, helping each other and listening. Together as one the team could come up a bright amalgamation of different ideas that really satisfies the team on their vision. A leader also must stand up that is ready to navigate and organize especially when things are gett
ing a bit off center.
Anyway it is this one

Unity - without letters U and I is spelled "nty" pronounced [en-ty] which sounds like "empty"
-this meant that "you" U and "i" I should always be united in a purpose to fulfill the goal in which you is plural to everyone in the group and yourself as i upon it. Without so the vision will be empty and lifeless.

United - same idea of taking out U and I the word suddenly forms "nted" [en-ted] sounds like "ended".

I hope my thought of the words helped you guys, hehehe, anyway

Merry Christmas to you all and Happy New Year!!


Here's a painting of a knight i did in CS3. Is it good?! It is kind of dusty isn't it?! ehhe