Thursday, August 5, 2010

Whatever it is.

It's been so long , I found myself not writing much and be engaged on the daily life much that, I skipped my blog but anyway filling it now will do as there's nothing to do and nobody to talk to.

Ever had the feeling of showing off much to someone, so that the person might see you or focus their gaze upon you for just a single second or two? Or like stare at the name and hesitate whether or not to send a single message, just churning inside you that it is impossible for the return reply to be sent? Guess what, I do :)
Well anyway, I think that I'm not the only who felt the same say here in the whole wide world, I mean there are also bunch of people who felt that on their, you know, ehemmm.
As far as I can deduce, if you didn't receive a reply back, its either they're busy with all the lot , too busy for such things or they don't really care much on you for them to write back.
Anyway, I know i'm speaking in some easy far fetched words but I mean, they fit so it won't get too annoying nor too vague, read just as it is, it'll be fine :)
I still can't sleep easy sometimes, don't know why,
Got my guitar broken, I don't know, it looks fine but in me I think that it needs to rest cause it doesn't sound well now, and when I restring it, I got the feelin' that it will just snap again in no time as i turn the the thing.
That's just what I can babble today,, few minutes till morning
Many things just passed by ever since the last post, but I wouldn't bother to recount all of them as it is really tedious.
At least i wrote something though.
happy readin'

"Will you not see? Will you not hear? Will you not feel the beating of this heart as I walk with you all day?"
----The Invisible Lover

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