Friday, July 16, 2010


Once again I'm back for another entry:)
Simply at home yet again . 
Will be goin' to the school tomorrow, hope it will help me get out of boredom and being bummed for about a year -_-
It's so hard sometimes when you're like stagnant for a period of time, I'm not really accustomed to being stuck, I'm kind of energetic and an on going person.
It's better that I got something like a wall like this, that even I know nobody's reading or what, you can just express yourself in a manner of words.
I recently finished a videogame and I was really surprised that I did it for one week, either I just played too much or the game is really short, funny how time flies slowly when you aren't doing anything, completely absurd though, mixed feelings in the head!
Funny, I kept babbling loads of words and I hope nobody found everything as tedious as it is.

now playing: you and i both - jason mraz

That's it, I'll get some updates so,


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