Thursday, July 15, 2010

to miss a "verb"

Have you ever felt like you want to scream how much you love someone but ended up unheard?
Or your existence seemed to dangle invisibly to the eyes of your love?
I know it's kind of over acting but even then I "feel" it,
That's why love is complicated, but I promised myself that I'll just hang around on what will happen next.
If you ask me, she's my inspiration . .
That everything I do, there is passion dealt with,

". .though I'm unseen, my heart won't stop whispering your name, you nailed it with yours"

Well thats an introduction for the day, I didn't know that I still got a poet in me but surely those are things that kind churned inside me about someone.
Like you feel you're no match for other because they're way better for her,[insecurity], like you really like her much,I know it's kind of stupid to be insecured however It's just what I felt about the matter, but anyway not much wider upon that page.
Today, has been just an ORDINARY day for anyone else like me,
I feel lazy though, slacking myself in the couch and tries to get some sleep.
Then, I chatted by the computer by the table at the morning, played some games and slacked again.
I'm gettin' fed off by such routine, I need to get some fresh air. .
I'm quite looking forward for the french classes, maybe that could take my mind off things.
Guess that's all I have so far,


". I'll be just here . .till the time comes "

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