Friday, July 23, 2010


you know what, sometimes people think they are a nobody to people whom they love most, either a nobody or somebody and you just kinda feel like, I wouldn't want to meddle in with it, I mean, I might end up lookin' like an idiot, I mean you know you know you wont know as well as understand, grr.. and you feel like you're just a nutter hangin' there they got their own business or what, ended up unreplied?

love is really a mystery for someone to find for out himself or herself and you simply cannot rush on it.
Am i growing demanding? or just over reacting?
well anyway, every one who loves always gives.

I got a news from my tita that I'm able to go to HK, and I became really excited about it, hope it goes well, cause I really miss her and lola, by going so I'll be able to spend time with them and have fun!
I mean as i wait for the school day, I will have a packet of happiness to carry with me back here,
I want to go though, c'mon hope it's good, hope I can go

Things came visualizing in me like, I get to hang around with my lola and tita, jokes and laughter or walking in the park or going to places taki
ng pictures.
Overall, it's really a fun trip to begin with, and I REALLY hope, I can go :)


btw, here a cool stuff i made in photoshop, hope i can make it better sometime :)

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