Wednesday, March 3, 2010

My State of Mind [love]

My State of Mind [love]


At the mild grasp of emotions comes a tranquil cold sensation,
Unbearable though it may seem, but laterally inexplicable in perspective.
Sleepless nights and wonderful mornings, upon the window lurks unfounded imagination,
Though words can't express the feelings within, it burns deeply inexpressive
Across the rivers, across the seas and across the oceans,
Through the darkness of dusk, the love prevails unhindered.
Thinking perplexed in a chair, sullen yet spoiled in millions,
The heart that once foresaw to be torn, remained adamant not sundered.
Whenever the tide is high, they can't be concluded as a waif,
Scribbled within the minds the desire to care, to love and to be there for each other.
Yet thorns of roses never failed to wound them like knife,
They thought they finally made the great escape, but ended up broken like murder
 Hope lay shattered in the bloodstained floor of misery,
The dwindling horror of brokenness seemed detestable and puncturing,
How will I ever relinquish this anguishing pain and even worse than treachery?
My soul yearns for the one I adore, but the sordid heart of stone is just menacing
I constantly ask myself “when will these end?”
This carousel kept spinning and twirling my mind of hearts, lies and hurts
I know it melts away my pride replacing it with despair to append,
I will stay adamant and bold to proclaim that I can get through this, letting go everything that toasts.

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