Tuesday, March 16, 2010

5 Laws

The law of sacrifice in leadership is really important for me, I learned how to let go fo certain things in order to go up and excel. We should not just always stay on our comfort zone, but we should get up and bring up others. Leadership is sacrifice and it's not a one day attainment, it should be developed and meditated day and night. I learned how to balance responsibilities and my rights, now in order to stay up and maintain the momentum of leadership; we must learn to sacrifice more. In addition, as we rise in our leadership it is equal to sacrificing more.
The law of magnetism showed how you magnet your followers. You must be a powerful leader to attract followers who really are devoted to you. In this law, I learned to follow an effective and sufficient leader and someday, I hope, I will also be a leader and one day will be followed by my colleagues and aim for a better change.
The law of respect should always be practiced. Imagine an organization and the members with no respect at all to each other. There is chaos, but when a leader proved and showed respect, it could create a slamming boom in the team that their relationships to each other as followers will even grow stronger. I learned in this law that when you respect, you make someone happy. It is a virtue that must be enhanced and be brought with us wherever we go or who we are talking to.
The law of legacy states that LEADERSHIP should be maintained for the long run. It should not be just a one day exercise but it is passed throughout time. True leadership is like a dynasty, leader by leader or follower to follower. Here I learned that every leader must create a dazzling legacy of his/her own advocacies and strategies of their leadership.
The law of the big mo is an essential law of leadership in a way that it keeps it going on. Momentum is easier to steer that to start, this phrase really gave an impact to me that momentum must be taken care of when it’s on its rise. It is difficult to start a momentum, a colossal change or strategy but it is manageable. We just need to have our presence of mind and intellect to handle a momentum. It is a leader’s best friend that must always matter and not be let go.

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