Sunday, January 3, 2010

2009 christmas celebration

  It was the 24th of December at nightime when I was sitting down beside a pine tree whose decorations flickered by the light and got myself on about talking about gifts with my relatives. Christmas is nearing though, A few more hours then it'll just come and I'm really getting excited of what is its surprise for the 12 days for more of its time. Me and  my tita went out to eat together, it was like 8:30 in the evening and the malls started to empty. Feeling full and tired, we went home and rested. The countdown of Christmas seemed to be silent, I was just with the computer the moment we got back and tita fell asleep. We were like three in the house, ate, our housekeeper, was also tired of the hard day's work and also slept. I'm getting a bit drowsy though but anyway I really wanted to stay up till the clock says 12 o'clock in the morning of the next day. So then I sat in front of the computer and my thoughts wandered of how christmas is spent by different families all around the world. "They must've been really happy", I thought seeing some clear visions of families exchanging gifts and having a great time. Christmas, Christmas and Christmas, it's the time of the the Lord Jesus Christ's birth and that we should all be happy as the saviour has come. On second thought, alright I shouldn't be just sitting here like gaze at the screen to play but I must celebrate and greet each and everyone merry christmas. After a moment or so, I went out to my pinsans and joined them, we all have bit of a chat with laughs and jokes and we all ate together. Waking up my tita, she got up and joined us outside. I slept for about 3 in the morning and woke up happily on the Christmas day itself.

    Christmas day came, everyone was really dressed up, some were off to church and some were off to their Ninongs and Ninangs. There were a loads of visitors in our house that time, my tita and her family came by to celebrate with us and now we're crowded inside. During lunchtime we all ate together talking about gifts and other topics of laughter. Then after being filled and well watered, the whole pinsans and titos and titas were all gathered outside the house to play the "Pinoy Henyo" game. I was assigned as the photographer and mind you it was really funny as I can see some weird faces as I took videos and photos. We all had a lot of fun that time, we laughed hard and enjoyed the rest of the day. No sad faces could be seen, each and everyone was really happy. I thought to myself, There's nothing like Christmas here in The Philippines, well anyway it's really unique and pleasant.
We came into gifts and I received some, some new shirts and other stuffs and the pile of gifts under the tree started to drain.
Overall the day was tiring, with the heat. the noise and all but such factors didn't hinder us from celebrating the birth of the Lord and praising the one who saved us from our sins and now holds our lives.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

My destiny 10 years from now

This one is quite puzzling but It really has a loads of meaning into it. These are those things that I would like to see in my future, as a successful artist, business man, a dancer ,a painter and a servant of the Lord.
Clearly, the opacity is done as i would like to make the effect of how life's transitions is going as it fades in and fades out opening a new opportunity or chance to be a somebody.
The clouds at the top would be the visions of our mind, the dreams that these things we see, we plan and later to achieve. As of a premonition that i really want to do my best get my goals.