Friday, November 19, 2010


Oh yes you are.
your eyes spoke of words inexplicable.
that made me speechless as I gaze upon the beauty of your face.
from which a flower blossoms and blooms adorn by its radiance.
you're wonderful beyond I have ever thought of.
and when you speak, your voice echoes upon my head that soothes me.
it's your love that all i want.
that even when i'm only, you make me smile;

Oh hello, today is a fine and normal day, got to play dota again and again.

if ever shall you fall into me.
that's what I ever asked for, to be with you.

yeah it's.well it looks awkward of the sequence poetry then my blog, then poetry hehe

tomorrow got practice and yeah bye bye

hoping that i could watch hp7 soon!


Thursday, November 18, 2010

What a gap

Hello guys! What a gap isn't it!? It has been a decade, no ages i guess ever since i wrote again.
To tell you honestly there's been a lot of things that have happened though.
Well anyway, It's tedious to narrate everything but nevermind I'll try :)
The past weeks were devastatingly boring, chores are overflowing and idleness really has a mark on it.
I get to play for our church as rythm or lead at the guitars section! Praise God! I had the chance to you know stand and play and rock for Him!
Then, I started looking for polys and schools so that next year i will be able to study here.
Piano, is a really soothing instrument to the ears and it's now my aim to learn it efficiently after guitar. It's really cool to you know be able to play the instrument and be creative with the notes and stuffs which is really an amazing kind of thing in music.,
I also started watching digital paintings which really I'm doing terribly :/ yet still practice is really important... ..
I am really looking forward to sit by the sit in the cinema, grab a taco and popcorn and watch Harry Potter 7! I don't know maybe next week, this is really a much awaited film as it is the last of the sequel! Surely there will be tons of actions and effects which I want to learn in visual effects with sounds of course.

I swam lately and after so i was so dizzy and like so dazed, O_O i don't know, mayb
e I forced myself out after a long rest, cause it has been months after I last swam, until now im like hay-wired.
Then what else am i doing..hmmmmm........

Hala, i forgot na, anyway i still get to write though, i hope i filled it up, I will be surprised after many years when i look at this blog of mine, and see all the things i wrote, whoa.

I want to share this thing i figured out about being united in couples or in teams or groups.
The most important thing we should have when we kind of have a group or a team to fulfill a certain task successfully is to have unity. You know, sharing of thoughts, helping each other and listening. Together as one the team could come up a bright amalgamation of different ideas that really satisfies the team on their vision. A leader also must stand up that is ready to navigate and organize especially when things are gett
ing a bit off center.
Anyway it is this one

Unity - without letters U and I is spelled "nty" pronounced [en-ty] which sounds like "empty"
-this meant that "you" U and "i" I should always be united in a purpose to fulfill the goal in which you is plural to everyone in the group and yourself as i upon it. Without so the vision will be empty and lifeless.

United - same idea of taking out U and I the word suddenly forms "nted" [en-ted] sounds like "ended".

I hope my thought of the words helped you guys, hehehe, anyway

Merry Christmas to you all and Happy New Year!!


Here's a painting of a knight i did in CS3. Is it good?! It is kind of dusty isn't it?! ehhe

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Whatever it is.

It's been so long , I found myself not writing much and be engaged on the daily life much that, I skipped my blog but anyway filling it now will do as there's nothing to do and nobody to talk to.

Ever had the feeling of showing off much to someone, so that the person might see you or focus their gaze upon you for just a single second or two? Or like stare at the name and hesitate whether or not to send a single message, just churning inside you that it is impossible for the return reply to be sent? Guess what, I do :)
Well anyway, I think that I'm not the only who felt the same say here in the whole wide world, I mean there are also bunch of people who felt that on their, you know, ehemmm.
As far as I can deduce, if you didn't receive a reply back, its either they're busy with all the lot , too busy for such things or they don't really care much on you for them to write back.
Anyway, I know i'm speaking in some easy far fetched words but I mean, they fit so it won't get too annoying nor too vague, read just as it is, it'll be fine :)
I still can't sleep easy sometimes, don't know why,
Got my guitar broken, I don't know, it looks fine but in me I think that it needs to rest cause it doesn't sound well now, and when I restring it, I got the feelin' that it will just snap again in no time as i turn the the thing.
That's just what I can babble today,, few minutes till morning
Many things just passed by ever since the last post, but I wouldn't bother to recount all of them as it is really tedious.
At least i wrote something though.
happy readin'

"Will you not see? Will you not hear? Will you not feel the beating of this heart as I walk with you all day?"
----The Invisible Lover

Friday, July 23, 2010


you know what, sometimes people think they are a nobody to people whom they love most, either a nobody or somebody and you just kinda feel like, I wouldn't want to meddle in with it, I mean, I might end up lookin' like an idiot, I mean you know you know you wont know as well as understand, grr.. and you feel like you're just a nutter hangin' there they got their own business or what, ended up unreplied?

love is really a mystery for someone to find for out himself or herself and you simply cannot rush on it.
Am i growing demanding? or just over reacting?
well anyway, every one who loves always gives.

I got a news from my tita that I'm able to go to HK, and I became really excited about it, hope it goes well, cause I really miss her and lola, by going so I'll be able to spend time with them and have fun!
I mean as i wait for the school day, I will have a packet of happiness to carry with me back here,
I want to go though, c'mon hope it's good, hope I can go

Things came visualizing in me like, I get to hang around with my lola and tita, jokes and laughter or walking in the park or going to places taki
ng pictures.
Overall, it's really a fun trip to begin with, and I REALLY hope, I can go :)


btw, here a cool stuff i made in photoshop, hope i can make it better sometime :)

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


The weather today is currently a mixture of daylight as well as grey skies and raindrops.
Weird eh?
Past few days I found myself reading Lord Of The Rings Trilogy, I mean I'm a great fan ever since.
The story is really epic, It's great how the author describes detailed environments and the scenes that instantly depict pictures in your mind as if you're watching a movie.
Anyway, it is really cold now, I like the feeling of the cold wind just gush around your face or your body, it makes you feel like shaky or shivery in away that is really chilly :)

Monday, July 19, 2010


Dearest paper of this post, I know you won't reply back .cause you're just a paper,when I write to you but I want you to know that I'm so stupid.
I'm so down these days and here it happened failure of some sort which brings me back to my poem of "the portrait of--",
I told myself tons of times that I am "chanceless", even though I am daring enough to speak up, I know a lost cause when I see one. A water that worked hard to reach up the most fragrant flower of all ended up swayed back down.
I know it's weird to talk to you like this wall, but you know what, that writing here brings up quite a lightness in my mind.

"oh hear me, you sun of the day and moon of the night"
"you're beauty was what I crave for, a fire to ignite"
"you're eyes of marble ever pierced my mind"
"the vine of enticement to you, continues to bind"

I really should not have though, really, oh REALLY!
Flashes of it played pictures in me, I want to go to a place where everyone is smiling, the weather today was like me all along,. .
As I play the piano, the music surrounds me of how life really is, it was like a staff comprised with different notes, you can't skip or you can't go back, play with the harmony, to maintain the balance and unity, so as not to make the music falter.

I know God is with me, that's why I'm not breakin' down or feeling really bad, He is always here for me no matter what happens, He knows my name and He won't let me down. .I believe in Him, with all I am..

I really need to get out for a while, it's really boring bein' alone and have counted smiles or laughs. . .
Like you're on you own , nahhh too bad.

I got a low self esteem by the way its just how it works.
soft heart pa.

that's it, i think i wrote much already.
Oh paper/wall thanks for listenin'
at least I got a friend who doesn't talk

see ya.

Friday, July 16, 2010


Once again I'm back for another entry:)
Simply at home yet again . 
Will be goin' to the school tomorrow, hope it will help me get out of boredom and being bummed for about a year -_-
It's so hard sometimes when you're like stagnant for a period of time, I'm not really accustomed to being stuck, I'm kind of energetic and an on going person.
It's better that I got something like a wall like this, that even I know nobody's reading or what, you can just express yourself in a manner of words.
I recently finished a videogame and I was really surprised that I did it for one week, either I just played too much or the game is really short, funny how time flies slowly when you aren't doing anything, completely absurd though, mixed feelings in the head!
Funny, I kept babbling loads of words and I hope nobody found everything as tedious as it is.

now playing: you and i both - jason mraz

That's it, I'll get some updates so,


Thursday, July 15, 2010

to miss a "verb"

Have you ever felt like you want to scream how much you love someone but ended up unheard?
Or your existence seemed to dangle invisibly to the eyes of your love?
I know it's kind of over acting but even then I "feel" it,
That's why love is complicated, but I promised myself that I'll just hang around on what will happen next.
If you ask me, she's my inspiration . .
That everything I do, there is passion dealt with,

". .though I'm unseen, my heart won't stop whispering your name, you nailed it with yours"

Well thats an introduction for the day, I didn't know that I still got a poet in me but surely those are things that kind churned inside me about someone.
Like you feel you're no match for other because they're way better for her,[insecurity], like you really like her much,I know it's kind of stupid to be insecured however It's just what I felt about the matter, but anyway not much wider upon that page.
Today, has been just an ORDINARY day for anyone else like me,
I feel lazy though, slacking myself in the couch and tries to get some sleep.
Then, I chatted by the computer by the table at the morning, played some games and slacked again.
I'm gettin' fed off by such routine, I need to get some fresh air. .
I'm quite looking forward for the french classes, maybe that could take my mind off things.
Guess that's all I have so far,


". I'll be just here . .till the time comes "

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

too late yet too early . .

Hello everyone, so it has been a long time since I have left and now it's kind of weird about waiting for almost a year until I enter school.
Well anyway I've been busyin' myself by some musical instruments, and been looking forward for the French classes I'll be taking . .
For sure It'll be quite fun though, Owh man, its really boring at home zzz..
What a long vacation out there . .

I guess that's all,


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

5 Laws

The law of sacrifice in leadership is really important for me, I learned how to let go fo certain things in order to go up and excel. We should not just always stay on our comfort zone, but we should get up and bring up others. Leadership is sacrifice and it's not a one day attainment, it should be developed and meditated day and night. I learned how to balance responsibilities and my rights, now in order to stay up and maintain the momentum of leadership; we must learn to sacrifice more. In addition, as we rise in our leadership it is equal to sacrificing more.
The law of magnetism showed how you magnet your followers. You must be a powerful leader to attract followers who really are devoted to you. In this law, I learned to follow an effective and sufficient leader and someday, I hope, I will also be a leader and one day will be followed by my colleagues and aim for a better change.
The law of respect should always be practiced. Imagine an organization and the members with no respect at all to each other. There is chaos, but when a leader proved and showed respect, it could create a slamming boom in the team that their relationships to each other as followers will even grow stronger. I learned in this law that when you respect, you make someone happy. It is a virtue that must be enhanced and be brought with us wherever we go or who we are talking to.
The law of legacy states that LEADERSHIP should be maintained for the long run. It should not be just a one day exercise but it is passed throughout time. True leadership is like a dynasty, leader by leader or follower to follower. Here I learned that every leader must create a dazzling legacy of his/her own advocacies and strategies of their leadership.
The law of the big mo is an essential law of leadership in a way that it keeps it going on. Momentum is easier to steer that to start, this phrase really gave an impact to me that momentum must be taken care of when it’s on its rise. It is difficult to start a momentum, a colossal change or strategy but it is manageable. We just need to have our presence of mind and intellect to handle a momentum. It is a leader’s best friend that must always matter and not be let go.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

My State of Mind [love]

My State of Mind [love]


At the mild grasp of emotions comes a tranquil cold sensation,
Unbearable though it may seem, but laterally inexplicable in perspective.
Sleepless nights and wonderful mornings, upon the window lurks unfounded imagination,
Though words can't express the feelings within, it burns deeply inexpressive
Across the rivers, across the seas and across the oceans,
Through the darkness of dusk, the love prevails unhindered.
Thinking perplexed in a chair, sullen yet spoiled in millions,
The heart that once foresaw to be torn, remained adamant not sundered.
Whenever the tide is high, they can't be concluded as a waif,
Scribbled within the minds the desire to care, to love and to be there for each other.
Yet thorns of roses never failed to wound them like knife,
They thought they finally made the great escape, but ended up broken like murder
 Hope lay shattered in the bloodstained floor of misery,
The dwindling horror of brokenness seemed detestable and puncturing,
How will I ever relinquish this anguishing pain and even worse than treachery?
My soul yearns for the one I adore, but the sordid heart of stone is just menacing
I constantly ask myself “when will these end?”
This carousel kept spinning and twirling my mind of hearts, lies and hurts
I know it melts away my pride replacing it with despair to append,
I will stay adamant and bold to proclaim that I can get through this, letting go everything that toasts.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

2009 christmas celebration

  It was the 24th of December at nightime when I was sitting down beside a pine tree whose decorations flickered by the light and got myself on about talking about gifts with my relatives. Christmas is nearing though, A few more hours then it'll just come and I'm really getting excited of what is its surprise for the 12 days for more of its time. Me and  my tita went out to eat together, it was like 8:30 in the evening and the malls started to empty. Feeling full and tired, we went home and rested. The countdown of Christmas seemed to be silent, I was just with the computer the moment we got back and tita fell asleep. We were like three in the house, ate, our housekeeper, was also tired of the hard day's work and also slept. I'm getting a bit drowsy though but anyway I really wanted to stay up till the clock says 12 o'clock in the morning of the next day. So then I sat in front of the computer and my thoughts wandered of how christmas is spent by different families all around the world. "They must've been really happy", I thought seeing some clear visions of families exchanging gifts and having a great time. Christmas, Christmas and Christmas, it's the time of the the Lord Jesus Christ's birth and that we should all be happy as the saviour has come. On second thought, alright I shouldn't be just sitting here like gaze at the screen to play but I must celebrate and greet each and everyone merry christmas. After a moment or so, I went out to my pinsans and joined them, we all have bit of a chat with laughs and jokes and we all ate together. Waking up my tita, she got up and joined us outside. I slept for about 3 in the morning and woke up happily on the Christmas day itself.

    Christmas day came, everyone was really dressed up, some were off to church and some were off to their Ninongs and Ninangs. There were a loads of visitors in our house that time, my tita and her family came by to celebrate with us and now we're crowded inside. During lunchtime we all ate together talking about gifts and other topics of laughter. Then after being filled and well watered, the whole pinsans and titos and titas were all gathered outside the house to play the "Pinoy Henyo" game. I was assigned as the photographer and mind you it was really funny as I can see some weird faces as I took videos and photos. We all had a lot of fun that time, we laughed hard and enjoyed the rest of the day. No sad faces could be seen, each and everyone was really happy. I thought to myself, There's nothing like Christmas here in The Philippines, well anyway it's really unique and pleasant.
We came into gifts and I received some, some new shirts and other stuffs and the pile of gifts under the tree started to drain.
Overall the day was tiring, with the heat. the noise and all but such factors didn't hinder us from celebrating the birth of the Lord and praising the one who saved us from our sins and now holds our lives.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

My destiny 10 years from now

This one is quite puzzling but It really has a loads of meaning into it. These are those things that I would like to see in my future, as a successful artist, business man, a dancer ,a painter and a servant of the Lord.
Clearly, the opacity is done as i would like to make the effect of how life's transitions is going as it fades in and fades out opening a new opportunity or chance to be a somebody.
The clouds at the top would be the visions of our mind, the dreams that these things we see, we plan and later to achieve. As of a premonition that i really want to do my best get my goals.