Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Christmas Celebrations With the Family

      Christmas has been an important day for mostly every people around the world. Regardless of religion, it is a well known day of sharing and having a good time with the family. I'm going to share to you what I've experienced so far with every Christmas or maybe one I had here in the Philippines and mind you they were all joyful and memorable.

      Before the day itself, we come first to the "Christmas Eve". At this day we usually prepare dishes and delicacies especially for the Noche Buena to be eaten tomorrow with the relatives. Everyone is excited that they started counting down and kept gazing at the clock to point at 12 a.m of the next day as they work. I used to help my cousins to build up the Christmas tree while the others are buying presents and gifts. It was quite tough though, especially when the tree is getting higher and higher with every trunk but it was worth the effort after finishing. After eating a grand dinner with almost all of the members of the bloodline in our place, we started off playing board games like Monopolies and Risks until we hear the loud ring of the clock. It was fun, I mean everyone was having a great deal of joy. Some of my cousins will be packed together laughing, jeering and frequent in exchanging of jokes, the others were sitted at the television browsing for some channels to watch into. The older ones,as usual, were sitted at the table with a coffee of course talking about latest news of the day and some younger ones buried their faces on books. We often hear the periodic songs of christmas carols at the gate by small children which i found interesting as I used to do the same when I was at their age. Then there it came, the loud ringing of the clock, it's the 25th of December of the year and everybody turned and greeted each other "Merry Christmas".

     We packed up our mess, some yawned and decided to go to bed with a muffled greeting of "Merry Christmas". It was late when I slept and woke just about the time when everyone was all dressed going to malls or to provinces to spend Christmas with their relatives. The foods were all prepared and I took my camera to take some shots of the event. Everyone seemed to be busy, visitors claiming to be our relatives from far places came and I just realized that they were really were our relatives specially proven by my grandmothers. Loud dance musics were played throughout the day. The Christmas tree gleamed with the shining decorations and christmas lights spiraling from head to foot. I took a picture of it thinking how proud am I that I'm one of the people who designed it. Exchange of greetings are usual, people came in and out of the house happily. Leaving the house, I went with my tita ,who's a christian, to go to the church and praise the Lord.
The church was all the same in the house except that everyone was praising, jumping and singing for the Lord! It was really good to be at church as we're really celebrating christmas with its true spirit. The birth of Christ who saved us from our sins, this truth really has kept me going on and growing on my faith to God.
After the day, we're all tired and hungry. My titos and titas prepared the dinner and we all ate talking out loud about what we did for the day. Finishing the dishes, we had this habit of opening the gifts and presents given to us by our cousins. ninongs, ninangs and other relatives. We took pictures and videos of the day so that our other close relatives in other countries to see as well as to be kept as memorabilia for the future. After cleaning up, we all went to bed and prepared ourselves for the new day ahead thinking and dreaming about the joy of Christmas.

         The next day was quite busy. I rummaged my bag to do some homework and projects. My other cousin went to their works and jobs. It was really tiring though, almost sweeping up the heavy loads of assignments but as I work on, Christmas still swirls around my head like mist. I kept remembering the funny moments, the hanging outs with cousin and the presents. I opened the computer and found many comments by my relatives at other countries wishing that they should've went home for Christmas as it's really awesome to have one here in our country.
Christmas at the Philippines was really elating, I will really miss it when I go to Singapore and live there.

         Christmas was just an exhilirating holiday for everybody. It brings life, joy and unity to people. Those with tired eyes, those with bent knees and each and everyone will be given a chance to celebrate and cherish the happy moments with the family. But let us take not the true meaning behind it, and it is the Lord.

John 3:16

 16"For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

Jesus came down with the Salvation we just need to take and saved us from all our transgressions here on earth. let us praise and glorify His name at all times.
Overall, there's no way that can make me mark out the 25th of December through all my calendars.Why? It was when Salvation came to save us! :D

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